Segunda Categoria


Bempostinha 64C, Lisbon

Second Choice

The artist's studio is the place of thought and experience. Of the events, the moments of eureka, the times of isolation and despair. It’s the space where images are born. It is also the place where many of them die and are destroyed. This is where the choices of what is finalized are made, what is ready to leave the studio and what still needs work, more thought. The studio imposes a hierarchy: the first and second category. The important and everything else; the “now” and the “maybe later”.
In this selection process, often these second choices are recovered, saved from a certain way, and moved to a more noble category. They’re sure that they carry with them the traces of the artist, reflecting their ideals, to finally raise their heads and leave the studio as works worthy of an exhibition hall.
If the first works reflect in their majority a very assertive language of the artist, those of the second category are works that deviate in some way from this path. They are experiences that question a grammar, ideas that come out of the box, mini-events resulting from a moment of a particular inspiration. They can be everything, they can be a new world, a time of great possibilities. They may be nothing, a mistake, a less happy moment.
This studio welcomes these essays, this space of doubt, and becomes a gallery-stage for what which was never to be seen by the eyes other than those who created it. A studio of two artists who welcomes many, a collage of works, authors and experiences.

Filipa Oliveira