HOT BODIES a novel by Eva Oddo,  Bernardo Bello & Alexandre Camarao


A Montanha, Lisbon

Photos  Photodocumenta

Once upon a time
A head. A leg. A boob.
In Hot Bodies, a novel by… Eva Oddo, Bernardo Bello & Alexandre Camarao write with words, images, texts, drawings, paintings, sculptures, tapestries.
From the beginnings to the ends, from the heres to the theres, bodies mix, recognise one another and sometimes even know one another.
Look at that point on the horizon. We have to get there, but I don’t know how we’re going to get there. Let’s start going. We’ll get there sooner or later.
And if we’re lucky we’ll meet the devil on the way.
This is the first exhibition of A Montanha. A beginning.