De-A-a-A, Calpi & Camarao


Espaço Cultural Mercês, Lisbon

Interview A to A:

A: A, who had the idea of this exhibition? I can’t remember...

A: It was me. And tell me how much it makes one in one? As for being an exhibition, it’s the As that expose the being. They open their raincoats to anyone ... without a book of complaints.

A: Yes, it was you! One in one equals in one. Only complains who also opens the raincoat ... So, what about messing up the house to welcome the guests?

A: It was always messed up and on the part of the guests there were no complaints, on the contrary, motivated by the whole they participated in the disarray. You can count on the passing look, be it penetrating or tired. It is also reported that there are records of those who have remained immobile during the time of exposure along with acts of savagery directed to the exposed. Arrange ... lines, colors, strength, will, shape ... What was there can’t be repeated. Now, what is unresolved will be the time.

A: A, I heard that some of the exposed have petrified ... have you heard of this? Others were erased by the bureaucracy but a few traces remained. There are those who say that in these places the soil is more fertile and on it, time is in charge of solving certain types of issues. (We work with the dead? ..)

A: ... and we kill a lot! What has been composed reappears in a surprising way ... perhaps only death really surprises, mixes, shuffles and gives back. Back to the process. Atelier of Queen Penelope. Weaving. Each reading a different painting. One more one more in one = something?

A: That's it, A, you found our modus operandi without codes. Make, undo, delay, accelerate, cover, disguise, reveal, born. It takes a home for this, or a living room. Only in a domestic space do revelations happen. Did we get a room, A?

A: A room for what? A room sheet. A floor, a table and a chair to rest at once, more than necessary. And the dead: Michael, John, the Captain, the Blonde Girl, Cocteau's twins, David, a Power Plant, a public enemy, a prince, Sylvie, a bomber, the other John, Paul, George and Ringo with Lucy, a shock, Ivo and this mortal coil ... Between them there’s always someone who doesn’t drink coffee. Back to the process. Do you need a name? So many questions are a sign of inaction. However, we will name the shape according to the body inhabiting the scene, according to the domestic revelations. I particularly like the domestic in the sense of domestified, it reminds mystified, stretched, sleeping and eating, nothing else matters ... is like the theater, A.

A: Domestified is a good scenario!

A: It guarantees conjugality.


Alexandre Camarao